Building a Startup Ecosystem For Us, By Us

Our mission is to increase the number of black entrepreneurs starting tech companies. We do this by helping these entrepreneurs gain access to investment dollars and mentors. We're looking for students, both grad and undergrad, who are passionate about entrepreneurship, startups, and technology to join our mission. Our student investor program is a unique opportunity for students at historically black colleges to learn about startup investing and to build a startup community on their campus. Here's what you can expect by becoming an Student Investor:

Learn the Basics Of Startup Investing

Students selected will undergo a 5-week investor training program. The training program is remote and includes participating in a weekly 3-hour online class. Weekly classes are interactive and are designed to equip you with the basic tools you’ll need to identify investment opportunities, evaluate early-stage companies, and to build a startup community on their campus.


Our student investors are mentored by leading investors (angels and VCs). Program mentors participate in monthly student investment committee meetings in an advisory capacity. student investors do not receive equity in companies they choose for funding.

Venture Experience

During the program, you will review startup funding applications, conduct industry due diligence, and research markets and opportunities for investment consideration. All students graduate with hands-on venture experience and will be connected to a national network of talented entrepreneurs and investors.

Connections to Industry Professionals

Our community consists of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and partners dedicated to increasing the number of black tech entrepreneurs. Student Investors have the opportunity to work side by side with them, and to build their professional network.

Make A Difference In Your Community

Less than 2% of tech companies that receive investment are founded by African Americans. We believe this is a key component in supporting wealth and job creation within the Black community. As a Student Investor, you'll be a part of the solution, making an impact in the community by facilitating the distribution of investment dollars directly to your community.

Work Hard / Play Hard

The Student Investor program lasts an academic year. So you can expect to spend on average 5 - 10 hrs/week researching and identifying investment opportunities. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in pitch nights and social gatherings to source investment opportunities. It’s a serious commitment, but it's also a ton of fun and an incredible learning opportunity!

Our Mentors

trevor thomas
Trevor Thomas
General Partner
Cross Culture Ventures
monique woodard
Monique Woodard
Venture Partner
500 Startups
merline saintil
Merline Saintil
Limited Partner
500 Startups
McKeever E. Conwell
McKeever E. Conwell, II
Portfolio Manager
Maryland TEDCO
Richard Kerby
Richard Kerby
Vice President
charles hudson
Charles Hudson
Managing Partner
Precursor Ventures
ulili onovakpuri
Ulili Onovakpuri
Kapor Capital
william crowder
William Crowder
Managing Partner
42 Venture Partners
Kanyi Maqubela
Kanyi Maqubela
Collaborative Fund
Marlon C. Nichols
Marlon C. Nichols
Managing Partner
Cross Culture Ventures
Stephen DeBerry
Stephen DeBerry
Managing Partner
Bronze Investments
brian dixon
Brian Dixon
Kapor Capital
arlan hamilton
Arlan Hamilton
Founder & Managing Partner
Backstage Capital
Lo Toney
Lo Toney
Google Ventures

Key Program Dates

We are now accepting applications for our inaugural class. The deadline to submit an application is June 1st for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. All applicants must be either a sophomore, junior, senior, or grad student enrolled at an historically black college in the upcoming academic year. Please send any and all questions about program details or application process to

Upcoming Dates

  • June 1st Application Deadline
  • July 7th Interview Process Begins
  • August 1st Candidates Are Notified Of Acceptance

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