We offer three leadership development programs in venture capital for various professional levels and geographies.

Experiential learning program for HBCU students and alumni interested in exploring a career in venture capital.

Applications Open July 19, 9 AM EST

Designed for college students and recent graduates, this program offers summer internships at venture capital firms aligned with HBCUvc's mission. Currently offered in Los Angeles and Chicago (2021).


Leadership development program for entry-level professionals working in venture capital.

An Experience of a Lifetime

"HBCUvc has provided me the opportunity to completely change career paths and contribute to a mission greater than myself. The education and support I have received from HBCUvc was hands-on and prepared me for real world application.

Through HBCUvc, I was provided the opportunity to intern as an analyst at Anzu Partners which turned into a full time role. Being an HBCUvc fellow had also provided me the opportunity to be accepted into the Silicon Valley Bank Associate Development Program 2020 Cohort.

The greatest strengths of HBCUvc from my experience has been the support from senior leadership as well as my colleagues. As well as the knowledge and skills that are developed throughout the program through real life experience, such as developing an investment thesis and pitching startups to investors. "

Denkenesh Dobbins, HBCUvc Venture Fellow