About Us

Our work directs how capital is formed and distributed to increase opportunities for Black and Latinx innovators.

We actively reimagine the innovation economy by developing the next generation of venture capital leaders in communities where entrepreneurs face barriers accessing capital.

Culture is Currency

Our origins are rooted in the legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), which forged opportunities for Black Americans in a time when our country would not. We are anchored in this intention, and similar to HBCUs, we purposefully extend our support to all overlooked communities, including but limited to Indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQ+, and undocumented immigrants. We know that innovation lives within us - and has been untapped and ignored for far too long. We are a Black and women-led team that's lived the work we advocate for. Our experiences drive our commitment and urgency, and we believe solutions must be led by the community that is impacted.

Nothing matters more than our people.

Hadiyah Mujhid

Founder & CEO

Chelsea Roberts

Chief Operating Officer

Cynthia Lopez Dixon

Chief Administrative Officer

Evelyn Disher

Director of Programs

Yolanda Stephens

Director of Continuous Improvement

Jameela Bahar

Program Manager

Chelsea Burwell

Communications Manager

Angela King

Program Associate, HBCU VC Fellowship

Kiley Williams

Operations Analyst


Jorge M. Torres

Dean, Yale University

Austin Clements

Investor, Grid110

Megan Holston-Alexander

Partner, A16Z

Terik Tidwell

Innovation Dir, Johnson C. Smith University

Jonathan Jackson

Co-Founder, Blavity