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HBCUvc envisions a global economy where Black, Indigenous, and Latinx innovators can boldly create, fail, invest, and thrive. It will take a village to eradicate the systemic barriers that stand in the way of that vision. Join us to create an equitable innovation economy.

1. Partner with us

If you are committed to designing a new innovation economy where the ideas of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx innovators are at the forefront - join us!

We are looking to partner with VC firms that are invested in developing, connecting, and mobilizing the next generation of venture capital leaders — and removing the barriers that Black, Indigenous and Latinx innovators face in accessing capital.

By partnering with HBCUvc, you will have opportunities to:

  • Connect with our community of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx students and fellows interested in careers in the VC, tech, and entrepreneurship ecosystem

  • Develop your practice of employing race-conscious investing practices

  • Join a cohort of industry leaders working in VC and technology who are committed to learning and practicing venture capital through an anti-racist lens

  • Make a significant financial contribution to invest in Black, Indigenous, and Latinx innovators

If your organization is interested in joining as a partner, please email partnerships{at}

2. Support the next generation of investors

Advancing racial equity in the venture capital sector means opening doors to opportunity. It means making space in your networks for more teams and leaders that look like us. It means listening to our expertise and providing long-standing and unwavering financial support for the work of investing in Black, Indigenous, and Latinx innovators.

As part of our donor community, your contribution directly supports growth across our programs and the sustainability of our organization and mission.

Make a Donation: Individuals or companies giving to our general fund help us to sustain programming for our future leaders . With your generous support, HBCUvc continues to build a community of future innovators and investors removing capital barriers and unlocking the innovation of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx entrepreneurs and investors. Your support contributes to the individual professional growth of our students and fellows as well as the growth of racial equity in the VC sector. It will take all of us, working together, to create an equitable innovation economy.

Join the HBCUvc Donor Circle

The HBCUvc Donor Circle is an opportunity for supporters and individuals to make a significant contribution to our work and advance a long-term strategy toward racial equity in venture capital and technology.

As a member of our Donor Circle you will:

  • Have opportunities to engage and form relationships with our HBCUvc community of student fellows and interns, emerging VCs, and HBCU administrators

  • Join a cohort of other community members working in VC and technology committed to learning and practicing venture capital through an anti-racist lens

  • Receive invitations to attend community events, and participate in our HBCUvc Fall Retreat and Spring Summit

  • Receive recognition on the HBCUvc website (if desired)

To join the Donor Circle as an individual, please visit our online donation page and make a gift of $1,000 or more.

Within a week, a staff member will contact you to welcome you to the community.

To make a contribution as a firm, please email partnerships{at} to explore the opportunities.

3. Expand our visibility

Share our mission with others! If you are excited about our work, let your peers and colleagues know. After all, it will take all of us — working together — to create an equitable innovation economy.

  • Introduce us to the people you know working in venture capital, who share your values around advancing racial equity but don’t yet know about HBCUvc

  • Email your friends or peers with a link to 'Heart Work', our CEO's personal statement on recent events. Or share it in a Slack channel or Facebook Group

  • Start a Facebook fundraiser or donate your birthday to raising funds for HBCUvc. See our Guide on How to create a Facebook Fundraiser for HBCUvc.

  • Tweet or post about HBCUvc on social media and encourage others to donate

Special Thanks To Our Partners and Donors Who Make This Work Possible

Action Potential VC

Arizona Founders Fund

Avenue Growth Partners

Better Ventures

BKW Partners

Blake Bartlett

Brenda Deal

Christian McKenzie

Closed Loop Partners

Dan Kihanya

Donna Harris

Dori Howard

Fin Venture Capital

Insight Partners

JMI Equity

Jonas Bordo

Kelly O'Kane


M33 Growth

March Capital Partners

Maven Ventures

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Neotribe Ventures

Next Ventures

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Origin Ventures

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