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1. Support Us

Partnering with HBCUvc is a commitment to equity. We consider and align ourselves with institutions that view systems-change as obligatory, not a nice-to-have.

If you are committed to designing a new innovation economy where the ideas of Black, Indigenous and Latinx innovators are at the forefront - join us!

Giving to our general fund helps us to continue programming and advance our vision of an equitable innovation economy. With your generous support HBCUvc continues to build a community of future innovators and investors achieving with capital barriers. Your support contributes both to the individual professional growth and industry growth of an industry supporting Black, Indigenous, and Latinx innovators. We believe strongly in working across sectors and with allies, recognizing that it takes a village to eradicate systemic issues in barriers to capital.

2. Join the HBCUvc Donor Circle

We’ve created the HBCUvc Donor Circle as an opportunity for supporters and individuals to engage in our work and join a long-term strategy toward racial equity in venture capital and technology.

As a member of our Donor Circle you will:

  • Have opportunities to engage and form relationships with our HBCUvc community which includes student fellows and interns, emerging VCs, and HBCU administrators

  • Be in a cohort of other community members working in VC and technology committed to learning and practicing venture capital through an anti-racist lens

  • Receive invitations to attend community events, and participate in our HBCUvc Fall Retreat and Spring Summit

  • Receive recognition on the HBCUvc website (if desired)

As part of the donor community, your annual contribution directly supports growth across all programs and the sustainability of our organization and mission. To join the Donor Circle as an individual, please visit our online donation page and make a gift of $1,000 or more. Within a week, a staff member will contact you to welcome you to the community.

If your organization is interested in joining as a partner, please email partnerships{at}

3. Share Our Mission & Work With Others

  • Email a peer or friend telling them about HBCUvc. Start by emailing a link to 'Heart Work', our CEO's personal statement on recent events. Or share it in a Slack channel or Facebook Group

  • Tweet or post about HBCUvc on social media and encourage others to donate

Special Thanks To Our Partners and Donors Who Make This Work Possible

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